The CRM that gives a S#!T about TRADIES!

LIST Media are the offical sponsor of Trade Magnet, the ULTIMATE trade managment system.

The CRM that’s better than a Bunnings banger! Track all your leads, reviews and Facebook ads in one place. You can even build you own website! 


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Trade Magnet Questions

Well, mate, a CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” It’s like having a trusty apprentice who keeps track of all your customers, their details, and job history, so you don’t have to rely on your memory. It’s your secret weapon to make sure you never forget a customer’s birthday or the last time you fixed their dunny!

Trae Magnet is a super powerful, kinda like that lemon cannon you made back in high school. But sometimes it’s a bit to much to handle. So, LIST Media can you build and implement and taylor the tools specific to your business.

Ah, your mate’s onto something! When you miss a call, we’ll send an automatic text back to your customer, letting them know you’re on it, even if you’re up a ladder or in a pit. It’s all about keeping your customers in the loop and showing them you’re on the job, mate!

Absolutely, mate! You can connect your own domain to give your business that personal touch.

Sure can! But don’t stress if you don’t want to, your email’s to your clients will look something like this [YOUREMAIL]

Mate, you should know by now we’re into it! Posting from your social accounts is a breeze. Link up your Facebook, Instagram, and more. Once connected you can manage posts, videos etc.

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