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Creating LEGENDARY content 🤙

$500 ex. GST

We understand the importance of a transparent and fair pricing model. That’s why we’ve developed our unique 5-20-5 payment strategy, designed to offer you the best value and maximized returns on your Google & Facebook Ads investment.

$650$1,250 ex. GST

Want to get your business seen online? We’ve got just the thing with our SEO packages, designed especially for you. Whether you’re flying solo or you’re looking to grow your business, we have a package that fits.

$1,000 ex. GST

Got a website but no blog? Let’s fix that. Our Blog Setup Service is here to get your site ready for all the awesome posts you’ve got in mind.

Video Creation

Drone Shots

Ready to elevate your marketing with some seriously impressive drone shots? Say goodbye to boring ground-level views and hello to a whole new perspective that will have your clients buzzing with excitement.

Talking Head

LIST Media’s talking head videography will make your business the star of the screen. No need to fear the lens—we’ll make you look so good, even your mum would give you a thumbs-up. We’ll help you  nail that pitch to tell your brand story.

Onsite Interviews

Our on-site video interviews unveil the hidden magic behind your trade business. Think of it as a backstage pass to showcase your team’s skills, wit, and charm, turning your crew into the stars of the show!

Trade Magnet


Need a website faster than a bolt of lightning? Look no further than our Trade Magnet powered sites! Whether you’re a sparky, chippie, or any other trade LEGEND, we’ll whip up an online site that’ll be up an running in no time.


Say hello to effortless email, reviews, and text campaigns with our Trade Magnet wizardry. Let our expert automations do the heavy lifting, so you can sit back and watch your trade business flourish without lifting a finger!

Reputation Managment

Need your Google Business profile to shine? Our team works magic! We’ll polish up your online rep, dust off any negatives, and have your trade business sparkling like it’s fresh out of the box.


Vertical - Site Visit

Vertical video are fast becoming the content of choice. LIST Media can come to your job site and create a video less than 1 minute that shows cases what you do. Also get the benefit of our distribution on YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok.


Want to simply promote your trade business? We can create a 1 minute ad placement during a video on the thinkLIST YouTube channel. 

Custom Video

Want a video that’ll bring in the big guns for your trade business? Our custom videos are all about telling your tale in a way that’ll have clients lining up for your services. With David List in the spotlight, we’ll weave a story so compelling, you’ll be swamped with work in no time!

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