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We’re all about hooking up tradies across Australia with killer websites that do more than just look good—they work hard, just like you!

Whether you’re just breaking ground on your trade empire or you’re ready to hang up the tools and manage the crew, we’ve got your back. We’ll whip up a top-notch website that pulls in premium clients like seagulls to a chip.

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“Dave is truly passionate about helping businesses market their products. He was able to revamp our existing website into something we can be proud of. He was a pleasure to work with throughout the project and we will absolutely seek his expertise in our future endeavors.”


Boost your Trade business with a custom website!

We know the drill—battling it out on platforms like Facebook and HiPages often means competing on price, not quality.

Why not break free from the discount derby? An AWESOME, tailor-made website not only sets you apart as the go-to pro but also attracts clients who value quality and are willing to pay for it.

It’s time to trade up: claim your expert status and watch your rates rise!


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Get a FREE Website Audit

Already have a website? Let’s ensure it’s working as hard as you do.

Start with our SEO website audit to pinpoint where your site stands and discover if it’s time for an upgrade. We specialise in enhancing tradie websites for better performance and visibility.

Gear up to transform your online presence and outpace the competition with strategic improvements tailored to your trade.


How We Launch Your Trade Website 🚀


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AWESOME! Now we can get the ball rolling.

First payment is collected and we’re ready to go.

We meet to discuss your website design.

Site Map
We design the visual structure of you website.

Website Build 
It’s now time to build your AWESOME website.

You get 2 rounds of revisions before publishing.

It’s now time to launch your website.


SEO Questions

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results. For trade businesses, effective SEO means your services get seen by more potential customers when they search for relevant terms. This can lead to increased inquiries, more bookings, and ultimately, higher revenue. You RIPPER!

An SEO audit is a bloody good examination of your website to assess its effectiveness in search engine rankings. It identifies issues such as broken links, outdated content, poor mobile optimization, and inadequate keyword usage that could be hindering your site’s performance. By pinpointing these problems, an SEO audit provides actionable recommendations to correct them, ensuring your website adheres to the best SEO practices. 

The best SEO practices for a tradesperson include having a responsive design that works on mobile devices, ensuring fast page load times, and securing your site with HTTPS. Additionally, using clear navigation and structured data helps search engines understand and rank your site more effectively.

Regularly updating your website with new and relevant content is crucial. Search engines favor websites that are active and up-to-date. For trade businesses, updating your project galleries, posting about recent services, and maintaining a blog can help keep your content fresh and engaging.

Effective content for a trade business website includes detailed descriptions of your services, helpful DIY tips, customer success stories, and regular updates about your work. Content that educates your audience about your trade and shows off your expertise can also boost your SEO

Think of SEO like plumbing: you could try fixing that leak under the sink yourself, but unless you really know your spanner from your washer, you might end up with a flooded kitchen. Hiring an SEO professional is like calling in the plumber – they’ve got the tools, the tricks, and the know-how to patch things up efficiently. Plus, they’ll handle all the messy stuff like algorithms and analytics so you can focus on running your trade business. LIST Media has several SEO services to help you grow your trade business. Check them out!

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