Door Hangers – The Unlikley Lead Generator for Tradies


Now, I’ve been scratching my head, thinking not just about how to win the online game but also how to nail it in the real world. And guess what hit me like a cold can on a summers arvo?

Door Hangers!

Yeah, you read right, those things you thought were only good for keeping the apprentice out while you’re sorting out the bill with Mrs. Smith.

Jim's Mowing Door Hangers on a Decking

The Strategy: Not Just a Noise Apology

Let’s set the scene: You’re about to start a big job, maybe an hedge trim. The neighbours are already peeking through their curtains, wondering what all the commotion’s about. Here’s your chance to make an AWESOME first impression.

You whip out those door hangers and distribute them like you’re handing out flyers for a Bunnings sausage sizzle. But these aren’t just any pieces of cardboard. They’re your mini billboards, tailored to grab attention, inform, and even get a laugh.

Crafting the Perfect Door Hanger

Now, creating a door hanger that’s going to stick in people’s minds requires a bit of thought. Here’s what you need to nail:

  • Design That Pops: First up, it’s got to look the part. Think bold colours, clear fonts, and your logo of course. You want it to stand out like a sore thumb, but in a good way.
  • The Perfect Pitch: Keep the message quick. A simple “G’day, we’re making a bit of noise today tinying up Mr.Smiths hedge (no pun intended, actually yeah, it was intended) next door. If you need anything or fancy a quieter home yourself, give us a shout!” does the trick. It’s friendly, it’s direct, and it’s got that Aussie warmth.
  • Sweeten the Deal: Everyone loves feeling like they’re getting a bargain. Offer a discount for the neighbourhood or a free quote. It’s like throwing a prawn on the barbie; it just makes everything better.
  • Contact Details That Can’t Be Missed: Make sure your phone number and website are as visible and if you really want to get fancy, chuck in a vCARD QR Code. You want them to reach out, after all.

How I made Jim’s Mowing Door Hangers

Jim's Mowing Door Hangers Inforgraphic
  1. VistaPrint – I did some searching around for the best place to get these bad boys and VistPrint came out the best, well let’s say easiest.
  2. Select Template – VistaPrint have a tonne of AWESOME templates to choos from.
  3. Create – Remember this is primarily a community announcement, don’t go crazy with adevertising.
  4. Print – Printing starts at $49.99 for 50 Door Hangers and gets cheaper per unit the more you buy.

Watch the full video on how to make the Jim’s Mowing Door Hanger!

thinkLIST – Unlocking New Leads with Door Hangers

Level Up with the vCARD QR Code

The goal of any advertising material is to encourage potential customers to take action. With a vCARD QR Code, you’re making that call-to-action as easy as possible. There’s no need for them to type out a web address or manually enter your contact details. A simple scan and they’re directly connected to you. This reduces barriers to communication, increasing the likelihood of turning a prospect into a client.

Beyond the Door: Building Community and Trust

This approach isn’t just about marketing; it’s about becoming a part of the community. When people see you’re considerate enough to warn them about noise, and maybe even offer a chuckle or a deal, you’re not just another tradie. You’re the good bloke who fixed up Mrs. Smiths’ hedge, or the legend who installed the Johnsons’ new aircon just in time for summer.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, door hangers are more than just pieces of paper; they’re your ticket to local trust. They show you’re considerate, you’re professional, and you’re ready to lend a hand. So next time you’re gearing up for a job, don’t just think about the task at hand. Think about how a simple door hanger could open up a world of opportunities, making you the talk of the town—or at least the street.

Remember, in the world of trades, being a good bloke and a skilled tradie is the combo that’ll take you places. If you need help with online (or offline) stuff, contact me at LIST Media.

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