David List

David List

G'day ya LEGEND! I'm an Tradie of almost 20 years (sparky to be exact), who started to make videos on YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn, as a way of passing on my knowledge. One thing lead to another and I realised I could make more impact helping Tradies with my own business. So, LIST Media and Trade Magnet were born! Helping Tradies Convert with Online Content.

50 Things Only Aussie Tradies Say

G’day Legends 🤙 Aussie tradies are a unique bunch, blending skill with some of the most rediculous humour. Whether on the job site or taking smoko, there’s a language that sets these tradies apart. So, just for shit’s and giggles,…

How Can I Increase My Google Reviews Fast!

G’day Legends 👍 If you’ve ever finished a ripper of a job and thought, “How the bloody hell do I get this customers to leave me a Google Review?” then you’re in the right spot. I’m about to share how…

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