Google Business Profile Websites Shutdown: What Tradies Need to Know

G’day, Legends! Google is saying goodbye to websites made with Google Business Profiles. This might sound like a bit of a curveball, but don’t stress – LIST Media is here to help you hit this one out of the park.

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The Lowdown on Google’s Changes

In a recently published help center doc, Google plans to switch off websites created using Google Business Profiles starting March 2024. This means that after June 10, 2024, any attempt to access these sites will lead to a dreaded “page not found” error. Not exactly the best way to welcome potential customers, right?

Why This Matters for Tradies

In the trades world, your online presence is as important as your toolbox. It’s how customers find you, learn about your services, and decide to hire you. With Google pulling the plug on Business Profile websites, it’s crucial to pivot quickly and maintain your digital storefront.

Picking the Right Tool for the Job: Website Alternatives

Google’s suggested a few alternatives for building your new digital home, including platforms like:

For tradespeople, WordPress is a solid choice – it’s versatile and can be tailored to showcase your skills and past projects effectively. Another noteworthy option is Trade Magnet, a platform designed with the trade industry in mind, offering features that might be just what you need.

Keeping Your Ads Up and Running

If you’ve been using Google Ads linked to your Business Profile website, you’ll need to update those links before March 1 to avoid any disruption. Alternatively, you might consider pausing your campaigns while you transition to a new platform.

Handling Custom Domains

For those who’ve smartly set up custom domains leading to their Google Business Profile site, it’s time for a bit of backend work. You’ll need to redirect these to your new website by June 10 to ensure you don’t lose any web traffic.

How LIST Media Can Lend a Hand

Feeling a bit out of your depth with all this tech talk? No worries, LIST Media has got your back. We specialise in helping tradespeople like you navigate the digital landscape. From setting up a new, sleek website to crafting a digital marketing strategy that works, we’re here to help your business not just survive, but thrive in this online era.

In a nutshell, while Google’s move might seem like a spanner in the works, it’s really a chance to upgrade your online game. With the right tools and a bit of help from LIST Media, you’ll be set to not just keep up, but stand out in the digital marketplace. Remember, in the world of trades, being adaptable isn’t just good for business, it’s essential!

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