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If you’ve ever finished a ripper of a job and thought, “How the bloody hell do I get this customers to leave me a Google Review?” then you’re in the right spot. I’m about to share how to turn your Google Business Profile (GBP) into a gold mine of AWESOME reviews, with a little help from my mates at Trade Magnet and thing called a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN).

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The Tried and True Methods

Just Ask

Never underestimate the power of simply asking. Following a job well done, I’ve found that directly requesting feedback can lead to a genuine review. It’s straightforward and effective.


I’ve sent personalised emails to my customers, including a direct link to my GBP, making it as effortless as possible for them to leave a review.

Social Media

A quick post on social media can work wonders. You can video yourself or take photos of a job well done. Whilst thanking the customer for their patience while you temporarily destroyed their house. Or something like that. This type of reciprocity goes a long way.


Links everywhere! On your website, in your emails, tattooed on… just kidding. But seriously, make finding your Google Business Profile as easy as finding a cold beer on a hot day.

The Game Changer: SMS Campaigns with Trade Magnet & a VMN

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Now, let’s talk about the sledge hammer in your toolkit: SMS review campaigns using Trade Magnet and a Virtual Mobile Number. This method is particularly effective because it’s direct, personal, and easy for both you and your customers.

What’s the Deal with Trade Magnet and a VMN? Trade Magnet, a platform designed with tradespeople in mind, integrates seamlessly with a VMN to send personalised SMS messages to your customers. This method taps into the convenience of text messaging, which boasts high open and engagement rates.

How It Works:

  1. Collect Numbers: With permission, collect mobile numbers from your customers upon service completion.
  2. Craft a Message: Write a friendly, concise SMS asking for a review. Ensure it includes a direct link to your GBP listing to minimise friction.
  3. Send via VMN: Using a VMN through Trade Magnet allows you to send these messages from a number that looks personal and approachable, rather than a generic, potentially spammy-looking number.
  4. Follow Up: Don’t be afraid to send a gentle reminder a week later. Life gets busy, and a little nudge can go a long way.

Why It’s Brilliant

This approach is effective for several reasons:

  • High Open Rates: Text messages have an open rate of 98%, dwarfing email’s 20%.
  • Immediate: SMS is quick and to the point, perfect for the busy lifestyles of your customers.
  • Personal Touch: A text feels more personal than an email, which can increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Wrapping It Up

In the digital age, where a solid online presence can be as crucial as the right tool for the job, increasing your Google reviews is paramount. While the traditional methods are like the trusty screwdrivers in your kit—essential and reliable—the SMS review campaign using Trade Magnet and a VMN is the cordless impact driver: fast, efficient, and powerful. By harnessing the goodwill of your satisfied customers, you can boost your online reputation, one five-star review at a time.

If your need help creating an SMS Google Review campaign, contact LIST Media to get a free quote.

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