How TRADIES can use STORYTELLING to craft their Message

The Digital Tradie Podcast | Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of the Digital Tradie podcast! I’m Dave List, and I’m here to guide you through the jungle of online marketing, specifically tailored for you, the hardworking tradies. Today, I’m diving deep into the Storybricks framework, a tool I believe will revolutionize how you connect with your clients online.

The Power of Storytelling in Marketing

I’ve always believed that storytelling is fundamental, regardless of the medium. At LIST Media, we create content that not only captures attention but converts. Storybricks is designed to supercharge your video content, although its principles are versatile enough for any form of communication—from your website to print media.

Why Storybricks?

I’ve run a YouTube channel, Thinklist, where I noticed certain content resonated and gained more views while others didn’t. This led me down the rabbit hole of storytelling techniques, culminating in the creation of a free PDF that I offer on my website, This document is packed with exercises and insights into effective messaging, crucial for any marketing strategy.

The Foundations of Effective Marketing

Let’s talk specifics about building an engaging story. I liken it to constructing a house because, as tradies, we understand how a sturdy house should be built:

  1. Story as the Foundation: Crafting an engaging, relatable story is like laying the foundations of a house. It’s about using proven frameworks to build narratives that speak directly to your audience.
  2. Messaging with Precision: Once the story is laid out, the messaging is what builds the walls. It’s about aligning your story with the needs and desires of your ideal customer—your ‘avatar’.

Implementing the ABT Framework

One of the key techniques I discuss is the ABT framework—And, But, Therefore. Developed by Randy Olson, it helps structure your content by starting with an agreement (And), introducing a problem (But), and concluding with a solution (Therefore). It’s a powerful tool that can be applied to any marketing content to ensure it’s engaging and results-driven.

Exercises for Real-World Application

During the podcast, I guide you through using the ABT in real-time scenarios, such as promoting a smoke detector service. This kind of practical exercise helps you grasp how to apply storytelling techniques in everyday business situations, enhancing both your brand awareness and customer engagement.

The Story List Strategy

To further refine your messaging, I introduce the Story List strategy—Legend, Issue, Strategy, Triumph (LIST). This method helps you target your marketing more precisely by focusing on:

  • Legend (L): Your ideal customer.
  • Issue (I): The problem they face.
  • Strategy (S): Your approach to solving their issue.
  • Triumph (T): The successful resolution and benefits your customer will experience.

By using the Story List, you can craft messages that not only address specific customer needs but also resonate on a deeper emotional level, ensuring your business stands out in a crowded marketplace.


I’m excited to share these insights and more in future episodes of the Digital Tradie podcast. If you found today’s session useful, don’t forget to subscribe and download the free PDF from my website. Here’s to creating legendary content that not only tells a great story but also drives your business forward. Until next time, keep building those connections that turn prospects into loyal customers.

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G'day ya LEGEND! I'm an Tradie of almost 20 years (sparky to be exact), who started to make videos on YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn, as a way of passing on my knowledge. One thing lead to another and I realised I could make more impact helping Tradies with my own business. So, LIST Media and Trade Magnet were born! Helping Tradies Convert with Online Content.

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