Is HiPages Worth it for Tradies?

The Digital Tradie Podcast | Episode 3

G’day Legends,

In this episode, I’m tackling a hot topic that’s been buzzing around the tradie grapevine—whether HiPages is a solid choice for getting more work. Recently, a family friend asked me if HiPages would be a good stock to invest in. My response might have caught him off guard, but it’s rooted in both experience and real talk from the trenches.

Understanding Lead Generation Platforms

Platforms like HiPages act as middlemen, connecting homeowners needing work done with tradies eager to pick up extra jobs. On paper, this sounds like a win-win, right? Well, let’s dig a bit deeper.

The Realities of Lead Quality

Righto, here is where I let the cat out of the bag—not just on HiPages, but on most lead gen platforms. The leads you buy can be hit or miss. You might end up chasing after leads that are more about the chase than the catch.

Imagine this: you’re a sparky, and you land a lead to replace a simple switch. Easy peasy. But then the client turns out to be more high-maintenance than a plumber with a sore thumb. You’ve paid for the lead, but end up paying even more in hassle. That’s not the kind of return on investment any tradie wants.

Weighing the Costs

These platforms can feel like a lifesaver when you’re drowning in slow times. Many tradies I’ve chatted with see HiPages as a temporary fix. They jump on when the going gets tough and jump off once better work comes along. If it’s a cycle of quick fixes, you’ve got to ask—does it really make cents? Pun intended.

HiPages – Pro’s & Con’s of using the platform.

Smarter Marketing Moves

If you’re in dire straits for leads, throwing your hard-earned dough at Google Ads or Facebook Ads might give you more bang for your buck. These platforms allow you to target your ads like a laser—straight to the heart of potential customers who are genuinely interested in quality work. Of course, if you need help LIST Media uses a super simple paid ads fee structure to get you started.

Tool of the Week: CapCut

On a lighter note, let me shine a light on CapCut. This tool is a game-changer for editing videos, making it a breeze to polish up your social media presence. It’s as handy as a multi-tool at a fix-up job.

Final Thoughts

While HiPages might offer a quick fix, it’s a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut—overkill and not sustainable. Investing in your own marketing strategies attracts better quality leads—customers who don’t just come for the price but stay for the service.

If you’ve got any thoughts or questions about lead generation, feel free to reach out.

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