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The Digital Tradie Podcast | Episode 6

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I’m pumped up to share some insights from my recent conversation with Ben from Eastern Generators Hire. We delved into the world of generators, discussed the importance of sustainability, and explored digital marketing strategies for tradies. Let’s get into it!

Getting Started in the Generator Business

Ben’s journey into the generator business began with an apprenticeship where he worked with a company that specialised in data centers and generator installs. His entrepreneurial spirit was further fueled by his family’s engineering recruitment business, which often hired out computers.

Transitioning from Electrical Contracting to Generators

Initially, Ben’s business focused on general electrical contracting. They did a lot of work for wineries, breweries, and distilleries, which naturally led to the installation and maintenance of backup generators. Over time, the focus shifted entirely to generators, and Eastern Generators Hire was born. Now, they provide not only rental services but also comprehensive turnkey solutions.

Generator Range and Services

Eastern Generators offers a wide range of generators, from 20KVA to 1500KVA, with the 60-100KVA units being particularly popular. They also provide essential ancillary services like lighting towers, cable ramps, and refueling services, ensuring that clients get a complete solution rather than just equipment.

Embracing Digital Marketing

Transitioning to digital marketing has been a significant step for Ben’s business. Working with LIST Media, he found the transparency and effective tracking of marketing efforts to be crucial. This shift has ensured that every marketing dollar is well spent, directly correlating with increased leads and better customer engagement.

For tradies looking to engage with a Digital Marketing Agency, Ben emphasizes the importance of understanding the product from a technical perspective and maintaining transparency in all business dealings. This approach not only builds trust with clients but also ensures long-term success.

The Generator Sizing Calculator

One of the exciting digital tools we’ve implemented for Eastern Generators is a Generator Sizing Calculator. This tool allows customers to input their requirements, like the motors they want to run and their operating conditions, and it provides a suggested generator size. It even generates a detailed PDF report. This has made it much easier for clients to determine their needs and get accurate recommendations, streamlining the entire process.

The Future of Power Generation

Looking to the future, Ben sees a significant shift towards sustainability in the power generation industry. The upcoming legislation on emissions control is expected to transform how generators operate, with a greater emphasis on reducing environmental impact. Here are some key points we discussed:

The Future of Generators – Ben Cresswell from Eastern Generators Hire

1. Emissions Control: Currently, many industrial engines in Australia lack emissions control technologies. However, within the next few years, it’s anticipated that all industrial engines will be required to include emissions control systems. This means integrating technologies like AdBlue and other exhaust control mechanisms to reduce harmful emissions.

2. Renewable Integration: Generators will increasingly be paired with renewable energy sources such as solar panels and battery storage systems. This hybrid approach can significantly reduce fuel consumption and reliance on diesel. For instance, in remote projects, solar and battery systems can handle the primary load, with generators providing backup power only when needed. This not only cuts down on fuel costs but also minimizes environmental impact.

3. Alternative Fuels: The industry is also exploring alternative fuels like hydrogen. Although hydrogen generators are currently cost-prohibitive, ongoing research and development could make them more viable in the future. Hydrogen offers a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels, and its adoption could further reduce the carbon footprint of power generation.

4. Industry Growth: Despite these changes, the demand for reliable power generation isn’t going away. In fact, as the grid faces increasing strain and as more sites require dependable backup power, the generator industry is poised for growth. The focus will be on cleaner, more efficient technologies that align with global sustainability goals.

5. Technological Advancements: With advancements in technology, generators are becoming smarter and more efficient. The integration of remote monitoring systems allows for real-time tracking of fuel levels, performance metrics, and potential issues, enabling preemptive maintenance and reducing downtime.

Ben is optimistic about these changes, seeing them as opportunities rather than challenges. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technologies, Eastern Generators aims to continue providing reliable and sustainable power solutions.

Insights for Tradies

For those just starting out, finding a company that values continuous learning and provides opportunities for growth is essential. At Eastern Generators, Ben emphasizes the importance of training and development. Employees are encouraged to build on their existing skills and gain new certifications, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the evolving demands of the industry.

Moreover, Ben highlights the importance of a positive workplace culture. A supportive environment where team members collaborate and support each other can make a significant difference in job satisfaction and retention. For new apprentices, seeking out a company that fosters such a culture can be incredibly beneficial for career development.


My chat with Ben was not only insightful but also highlighted the importance of adapting to industry changes and leveraging digital marketing to grow a trade business. If you’re in the trade industry and looking to expand your knowledge, tune into “The Digital Tradie” for more tips and expert advice.

If you need any help with your Digital Marketing or maybe you’re after a tool like Ben’s Generator Sizing Calculator, you can contact me via the online form or give us a call.

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